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Bordering On Treason tells the amazing story of Lorna Tychostup, a single mother and photojournalist who travels to Iraq continuously for nine years to put a human face on a horrific global tragedy.

This film was made possible by NYSCA.

Visiting military units and Iraqi families beyond the green zone, she evolves from naïve civilian to established journalist. Through Lorna’s personal journey, Bordering On Treason explores the complexities of this war and the possibility of hope.

In February 2003, Lorna, a single mother and News & Politics Editor for a local arts magazine in New Paltz, N.Y., knowingly risks her life, imprisonment, and a million dollar fine by traveling to Iraq under the threat of war.

On a mission to “bring back the face of the Iraqi people” to the American public, Lorna returns with images of ordinary Iraqis she hopes will sway people against the invasion. Her controversial journey is challenged in a live television broadcast as FOX News lambastes her efforts as “villainous and bordering on treason” and accuses her of “aiding and abetting the enemy… on the brink of war.”



San Tong
San TongAssociate Producer & Videographer
San Tong tells stories and fine-tunes social networking communications. She works at an advertising agency, while pursuing various writing and documentary projects. She was the Visual Director for Theater Group called Mango Tribe, an APIA women’s theatre production group. She was also a literary manager for the 5th Night Screenplay and Short Film Series at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.
Trish Dalton
Trish DaltonDirector / Producer
Trish Dalton is an award winning independent director/producer with 15 years of experience creating personal story, social impact documentaries. Her feature-length and short form documentaries cover subjects, ranging from the occupation of Iraq to the US-Mexico border fence, have broadcast on HBO, Time-Warner, PBS and Ovation after screening at film festivals around the world, including: IDFA, Visions du Reel, SXSW, Miami, Denver Starz, Nashville, True/False, DOC NYC, Full Frame, and Tribeca. Her films include Student Athlete, Bordering on Treason, Election Year, Southmost USA, and One Night Stand.
Jesse Epstein
Jesse EpsteinStory Producer & Videographer
Jesse Ericka Epstein is a Sundance Award-Winning documentary filmmaker. She received an Masters Degree in Documentary Film from NYU, and was named one of “25 filmmakers to watch” by Filmmaker Magazine. Her films have screened in over 40 film festivals worldwide, at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), MaSS MoCA, The Peabody Museum, and Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Jesse’s film 34x25x36 received a national PBS Broadcast on POV. In addition, she has a published video Op-Doc in the New York Times.


Lorna Tychostup has over 15 years experience working as a journalist, editor, writer, photographer, communications and outreach/media/public relations consultant. Beginning her writing career covering town and school board meetings for mid-Hudson Valley regional publications, she later broke into international reporting in 1995 covering on the Mexican Zapatista Revolution.

In 1999, she approached publishers of the popular mid-Hudson Valley-based Chronogram Magazine and successfully pitched the addition of a separate news and politics section devoted to in-depth reportage of issues not covered by mass media. Under her direct guidance as News and Politics Editor, readership and ad sales increased exponentially regionally and nationally.



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Lorna’s first hand accounts, and engaging personality offer an inspiring and in-depth look at America’s current relationship with Iraq and women in journalism.

“Lorna is an embodiment of what I tell my journalism students: that real reporting doesn’t mean checking your heart at the door.  She is an engaging, warm, and forthright speaker. She and filmmaker Trish Dalton held a riveting Q&A at a screening in Woodstock, NY. This film, and these women, will inspire you and challenge your perspective on the Iraq War”.
– Lisa A. Phillips, Author and Professor at SUNY, New Paltz and former reporter for NPR

“Astounding to view the whole duration of the war through one person’s eyes… this film can encourage future students to probe deeper into the before and after of the Iraq war so that this important time in U.S. history is not forgotten.”
– Vijai Singh, reporter at NY Times, and MS Global Affairs NYU, PHD International Relations Rutgers

“Bordering on Treason looked at a very difficult time is American history. The content surrounding Lorna Tychostup’s work in Iraq was not only powerful but inspiring. I hope someday I have the passion and drive to go after something of that caliber. On a personal note, Lorna Tychostup has made me want to peruse photojournalism in my own life.”
– Olivia Wallace, Student at SUNY New Paltz

“Your screening was invaluable last night. I’m really happy to have attended, seeing the documentary put things in perspective for all of us who attended. As time progresses, I have a hunch that your film is definitely going to continue to grow with future generations who were not born during that time of global chaos/ the start of it all.”
– Laura Jenson, Student at SUNY New Paltz